35. Haylee Breitinger - End Mental Health Stigma Now


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🌟 It should be natural to seek out mental health counseling. 00:30
🧠 Mental health has been stigmatized: a lot of things are going on in our world, and we can't take it on all by ourselves. 02:20
😷 Trauma from the pandemic: everyone purchased home gyms, but no one thought about mental health. 04:10
🤓 You don’t have to have depression or anxiety to recognize that you need help. 07:45
🙌 The benefits of working with an expert in mental health or any other field. 10:09
🏋️‍♀️ Kaylee’s story: body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and excessive exercising. 12:53
❓ What is body dysmorphia? Viewing any component of your body and seeing something different than what is actually there. 14:43
🤔 Do I have disordered eating? See a professional, go deep, and ask yourself these questions. 18:30
⚖️ Women’s weight reflects how we are valued: the shame and blame game is so sad. 21:35
👉 When fashion norms pull your mental issues to another level: I can’t win. 24:13
📃 Work with professionals with a degree: weight loss journey flows so much easier if a therapist is involved. 26:04
😇 Recognizing what's in your scope of practice: relationship with clients is most important and why having a therapist is like dating. 28:54
🗣️ Don’t be afraid to speak your mind: give your feedback to professionals and find a suitable professional. 33:52
👌 Breaking up with your therapist. 35:54
👦 Teenagers are going through rough times: help them. 37:05


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