Did Hans Niemann Cheat: The Evidence! | IM Ken Regan


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"It must be embarrassing for the World Champion to lose to me - I feel bad for him!" said Hans Niemann, after the defeat of Magnus Carlsen on September 5, 2022.

Carlsen's subsequent withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup - the first in his career - followed by a cryptic tweet suggesting Niemann cheated, have put the chess world on edge.

Five days later, Chess.com - one of the largest online chess sites - banned Hans Niemann from its tournaments after accusations arose that Niemann had cheated in online chess tournaments.

Adding to the political optics, Chess.com is in the process of acquiring Carlsen's company, the Magnus Group.

Today, we are gracious to have IM Ken Regan on the podcast to help unravel this situation and discuss his methodology for detecting cheating in the chess world.

When the chess world suspects someone of having cheated in a tournament, Ken Regan is the expert who gets the call.

Using a database of tens of thousands of top-level games, Kenneth Regan, himself an international chess master, has devised a program that can help determine whether a player is playing like a human or like a computer.

A member of the Anti-Cheating Committee of the World Chess Federation from 2013-14, he helped write and edit guidelines to prevent cheating in professional chess. He continues to serve as a consultant to the committee and previously served as an expert witness for the French Chess Federation, the Bulgarian Chess Federation and other governing bodies of chess.

Additional topics include:

  • How does the chess rating system work? (4:44)
  • How does Chess.com's Cheating Analysis System Work? (11:14)
  • How did the pandemic affect chess skills among youth players? (22:57)
  • Can chess be "Moneyballed"? (1:26:20)

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