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“What is so deep in our core…that it’s unchangeable in times of change?” - Jason Feifer

Entrepreneur EIC Jason Feifer takes James through the stories and philosophies that resulted in his new book Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career

In this jam-packed episode, Jason shines a light on the tunnel vision that companies and employees force upon themselves and urges both to embrace the self-examination needed to thrive when market conditions change.

Topics include:

  • Who was the Emperor of San Francisco? (00:00:58)
  • What are stories a more persuasive argument than data? (00:06:59)
  • All about Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career (00:17:20)
  • The most important question of self-examination: What is it for? (00:23:59)
  • Why should you write a single sentence that defines your mission? (00:35:33)
  • Why did Jason write Build for Tomorrow? (00:38:30)
  • How is Jason using the Skip the Line "Spoke and Wheel" technique? (00:40:59)
  • The 3 types of stories you need to tell for consumer engagement (00:45:48)
  • What is the real story of the demise of Blockbuster? (00:47:55)
  • How can Jason's method of adaptation take risk into account? (00:56:01)
  • Three questions to ask when preparing for change: What do I have, what do I need, what's available? (01:01:54)
  • What are Jason Feifer's current answer to the three questions? (01:05:11)
  • What advice did Jim Quik give Jason while writing the book? (01:11:40)
  • What are Jason Feifer's current blind spots? (01:15:02)
  • The importance of recognizing pivot points before you're forced to do so (01:25:22)

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