Being Transgender in Business with Aiden Howery


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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! I could not let this month pass without showcasing an amazing LGBTQ+ company named The Noun Lounge! I am so fortunate to bring you one of the founders, Aiden Howery, a 24-year old trans man. Aiden started his first clothing brand when he was 17 called Mistaken Artists. But he wanted to create something different and unique. The other co-founder, Taylor Ray came to him saying he would love to start a business, but didn’t know what. One day he was like “you know what would be dope? An LGBTQ+ inspired streetwear brand…” aaaaand The Noun Lounge was born!

The Noun Lounge is a trans-owned all inclusive LGBTQ+ streetwear brand based out of the Midwest. The main goals are to bring awareness to LGBTQ+ community by spreading a positive message through apparel.

Join me and Aiden as we discuss:

  • Why the name "The Noun Lounge"
  • The importance of pronouns
  • Coming out
  • Helping pay for gender transitioning surgery
  • The danger of existing
  • Afraid of failure
  • Being an artist
  • Inclusive sizing

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