INTERVIEW: An Englishwoman's Vacation Through The World Of Godfrey Ho


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What is it like to act in a Godfrey Ho film?* The cut-n-paste films of Godfrey Ho, Tomas Tang and Joseph Lai are filled with footage of caucasian actors spouting inane dialogue, often dressed as ninjas, in an attempt to fool audiences into thinking they were watching an American production. Some actors like Bruce Baron appeared multiple times, others like Richard Harrison found themselves in dozens of pictures against their will, and then there are some faces that came and went without even being credited. Such is the case with Trudy Calder. A few days ago, Twitter user and Important Cinema Club member Skinslip tweeted about her journey exploring the Gold Ninja Video Blu-ray set NINJA VORTEX. Skinslip mentioned watching CROCODILE FURY and Trudy revealed in a reply to that tweet that she was one of the actors in the film: She played the blonde-haired sorceress who commands an army of hopping vampires, attacks the hero with a metal razor hand, and has a monster burst out of her chest! I reached out to Trudy and asked if she’d be willing to be interviewed about her experiences working on CROCODILE FURY and she graciously took the time to answer my questions. Enjoy! Watch CROCODILE FURY online: For more information on the world of Godfrey Ho check out an episode we did on the subject: *I am aware that CROCODILE FURY is credited to Godfrey Ho, but he probably had nothing to do with it!

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