Many more questions answered; Weight loss, F45 classes, the many kinds of diastasis recti and Belly dancing to train your core?


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On this week's episode I repond to more questions that came in on the back of last week's episode.
I mentioned diet and how to do it. I go into a bit of depth about how my approach to weightloss is different depending on the clients and their starting point. Personalising your approach to diet is the key to success, whether you want to lose weight or get healthier.
I also talk a bit about the many variations of diastasis recti and why no two cases are generally the same.
Are F45 classes safe to do post-partum? I had to figure out what F45 was first tbh.
And "Is belly dancing a good way to train your core"?
I briefly mention the MASIC foundation, who do amazing work for women who have suffered from severe perineal injuries during birth, (OASI (Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury)) .
And "In the news this week" a study I wanted to mention last week about the rise in early onset cancers in people. (Cancer in the under 50s). A fascinating look into the rise in cancer numbers but not just because of the increase in numbers but the link between the foods we eat and the increase in cancer risk the study claims there is.
Not the happiest of subjects, I'll grant you, but an important thing to understand so I'll have a look and see if the study is one to take seriously, or if it's "one of those studies".
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