Episode 270: The Problem with Mental Healthcare & Overlapping Diagnoses


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Hello, friends. In this episode, I answer two super interesting questions relating to the shortage of mental healthcare providers and the discussion as to whether overlapping diagnoses hold up and if it’s possible to have bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

Question 1:

I’ve been a fan of your content since your ASMR days and I just recently discovered your podcast and I’m hooked. I just have a quick question. Why is behavioral healthcare so inaccessible? When I was in college it seemed like everyone was some kind of psych major. But in the real world, there seems to be a shortage of providers and waitlists are months long. As a provider do you notice this as well?

Question 2:

Long time listener, love the pod. Got a brief question for ya!
My friend and I were talking about overlapping diagnoses today—namely, whether it’s possible to have both bipolar and borderline personality disorder, or BPD and NPD. This got us into a broader discussion about whether overlapping diagnoses hold up. Namely, when someone says they have anxiety, depression, PTSD, BPD, bipolar, and ASD—by default, that list of diagnoses actually just fall into one diagnosis with symptoms (i.e. ASD has anxiety and depression as symptoms).

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