When self-care & rest aren't modeled for first generation college students


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The journey for first-generation college students starts at a pretty young age. In this episode, I explain a bit more about my own experience and how that started way before I set foot on the doors of any college or university. I decided to talk about a conversation I have never really heard anyone have which is around self-care and rest for first generation college students and daughters of immigrants. In a lot of immigrant families, rest isn't modeled. If anything, it is the opposite because our immigrant parents often seem to tie our productivity and hard-work to their success and bragging rights. So I highlight this issue and why we need to talk about this. I also share that I am going to be hosting a workshop of self-care. If you'd like to learn more about the workshop, you can follow me on most social media platforms under the handle @globalcitizentherapy. Let's keep the conversation going around this topic on social media.

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P.S. I had some technical difficulties toward the end of the episode and the audio unfortunately dropped quite a bit. It's so annoying but keep listening until the very end because that's where the conversation gets good and is so needed.

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