051: The Promise of the Next Generation Leaders with Macy and Karen (the mother–daughter duo)


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“Kids can make a difference in how they understand the world.” [And parents can support kids and not force their understanding of the world on them.] Give the children more freedom to understand the world on their terms.”-Macy

Macy and Karen join Judithe for a conversation after the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC. Macy is an 11-year-old student with a passion for life, fun, and both social justice and equality. Karen leads a strategic program advancing opportunities for young people globally. As a mom to two of our most promising young people, and given her work with an international development and relief organization, she has to stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully, her daughter’s leadership and clarity of purpose keep Karen focused on what is important—that is, to harness the power and leadership of her daughter (and son) while helping them grow with the moral integrity necessary to be thriving adults.

This episode is focused on the generation of young people, like Macy, whose mission and purpose for equality have no age limit for understanding what it takes and what is fair and just. The nature of an interconnected world combined with social media mean parents cannot merely be gatekeepers, they must also be a guide through these changing times. The need for adults to support young people in rising to their leadership roles means the nature of parenting has expanded to not just be a nurturer and provider, but also serve as a coach. It is a huge responsibility and special privilege to be a parent given the speed and pace of the change.

“Using her voice for good and problem solving take time. The role of a parent is to support that. I have enjoyed working with Macy in how to be a peace-maker and be a strong advocate for yourself and for your friends.” Karen

What young people are you supporting to rise to leadership? Share your story with us and let us know what YOU think of Macy and Karen's story, the Students Demand Action movement, and our conversation today by emailing us at: judithe@inclusivus.org We’ll share your feedback and thoughts in the next episode of The Get InPowered Podcast

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