7 Steps to Start a Business in 2022


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It can be so overwhelming as a new entrepreneur. Lonely , confusing and seem so complicated. Yet so many people make a success of it.

If you’ve ever taken business studies course you might be familiar with the detailed business plans. The problem is anyone who’s been really successful is not worrying about beautifully bound documents in the office. There are several differences between creating bank ready plans and actually getting started.

Nothing is truer in the last few years. A record number of people are leaving their jobs in the great resignation to start businesses. A record number of new business registered and never before has the barrier to entry been so low.

When I started my leadership coaching business it was from the corner of my bedroom, talking to clients and delivering training in the evenings. It’s proof all your really need is a decent internet connection, a laptop and a mindset for success.

So I wanted to break down the steps on my ‘battle board’ for starting a business in this decade. Not the outdated rules of engagement. But the new world. With a fixed sight on your purpose, happiness and fulfilment as part of the goal.

  • With flexibility to dictate your own working hours
  • To push the glass ceiling that’s held you back in the corporate world and earn what you deserve including securing and semi passive income streams
  • All this while doing work that you are passionate about, makes you happy & fulfilled.

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