How To Transform Your Life in a Year with Land Profit Coaching


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When I watch reality TV shows where people compete to lose weight or find love, I am always more interested in the reunion shows a year later. The question for me is, “did the changes that people made during the show have a lasting effect?”

In this episode of the Forever Cash Podcast, we feature the story of Brandon George.

Brandon got off to a phenomenal start in the Land Profit Coaching program after enrolling in February 2021. He managed to close his first deal just six weeks into the program. When I spoke with him in July 2021, Brandon had closed five deals and already made $54k.

In February of this year, I caught up with Brendon on the anniversary of his enrollment. During this interview, Brandon confirmed that he had achieved both his financial and lifestyle goals during his year in coaching.

Brandon closed out the program with $134k in the bank and many deals in his pipeline. He has built a team of highly skilled virtual assistants allowing him to automate and scale his business without demanding more of his time.

“I mapped out my business with my coach when I started this program, and I am exactly where I wanted to be a year later. I have set a stretch goal of reaching 1.2 million in land profits a year from now, and there is absolutely no reason I can’t achieve that goal.”

Brandon points out that everything he heard Jack say during the Land Profit Masterclass has come to fruition. Brandon has established a real estate business that generates consistent profits and creates passive cash flow while allowing Brandon to spend more time with his family and realize his dream of setting up a second home in Africa.

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