Lost Zane Recordings FREEview 181 Airdate: 12/30/2016


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Here's what happened on the full show available on my Patreon.

1 – 0:00:00 – Absurd nap; dreamland and reality mix. Russia and election rigging. Stu moved Jenny Garone.

2 – 0:17:44 – Eric’s awkward YMCA interaction; Mr. 10 tattoo is not a diving tattoo.

3 – 0:26:06 – Tom from Gun Lake tries out comedy. Gas Station Skimmers. Stabbed in the throat Dale before he was Throat Slash Dale.

4 – 0:35:35 – 10 minutes with Throat Slash Dale. Sports updates.

5 – 0:52:26 – Creative names for Dull comic book characters. Buried in snow. Stu has knee pain and sleep paralysis.

6 – 1:02:53 – Saranac Jeremy calls in. Dream on. 100 monkeys in Roatan (Gumbalimba Park).

7 – 1:14:04 – Name that movie character. Sports updates.

8 – 1:30:56 – Jenny Garone in for Ron talking movies. Stump Jenny movie trivia.

9 – 1:53:41 – Listener New Years resolutions. Heroin monkey tackles listener Steve. Brought to you by. Stu breaks finger playing tag football.

10 – 2:09:12 – Listener New Year’s resolutions (continued). Stu is impassioned with hot dog prep. Sports updates.

11 – 2:22:21 – Listener New Year’s resolutions (continued). Explaining Throat Slash Dale to Jenny. Stu demands you watch La La Land.

12 – 2:35:02 – 5-in-10 challenge.

13 – 2:44:23 – 10 minutes with Huge; Don’t stump Huge trivia.

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