Chris Prefontaine, Founder & CEO, Smart Real Estate Coach, a DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview


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About Chris Prefontaine, Founder & CEO and Smart Real Estate Coach

Smart Real Estate Coach, led by our family team, is a Wicked Smart Community of Associates all across North America that empowers individuals and families to live the life of their dreams. If you’re serious and committed to actually completing transactions, then Smart Real Estate Coach is designed specifically for you!

At Smart Real Estate Coach, we empower individuals and families to create the life of their dreams. We encourage aspiring investors and entrepreneurs to take the first step towards creating REAL income with real estate.

After many years of coaching and constantly doing deals himself independently, Chris Prefontaine founded Smart Real Estate Coach in 2014, bringing in his son Nick, daughter Kayla, and son-in-law Zachary as the company began to grow. The family team coaches investors on how to properly scale and automate their businesses throughout North America — all without using their own cash, credit, or taking out bank loans to buy property. Our team buys and sells homes in our own market every month. We then mentor, coach, and consult students and Associates all around North America to do the exact same thing. We stay current because we're in the trenches ourselves.

In 2003, Nick was in a severe snowboarding accident that left him in a coma for over 3 weeks. The doctors told Chris and his wife Kim that their son probably wouldn’t walk, talk, or eat on his own again. With a tremendous amount of care and encouragement, less than 3 months later, Nick was literally running out of Franciscan Children’s hospital overjoyed. As a way to pay forward the gift that was given to the Prefontaine family, a portion of every real estate deal is donated to Franciscan.

Smart Real Estate Coach is made up of several media properties, including coaching and mentorship programs, a YouTube channel, a podcast, several annual live events, a series of fully online self-guided courses with 100+ videos and more. Through our collection of self-guided video programs, group coaching, and one-on-one consulting, we teach these business owners to STOP building a company for someone else and start working on taking control of their own financial future. Our family team teaches them:

How to set up the necessary foundation for a successful real estate business: our vendors, virtual systems, lead generation, and more.

How to potentially generate the number of leads you'll need to allow you to accomplish the goals you seek financially.

How to find the best properties in your area and not fight over deals with other investors due to the unique techniques within our niche.

How to buy a gorgeous home for yourself without a loan or making a down payment.

How to create 3 paydays per deal vs. getting paid once like a wholesaler of flipper.

The different ways to buy homes without your cash or credit and still profit between $45,000-$200,000 per deal with all 3 paydays.

…and much, much more!

Between our existing Associates across North America (which we’ve dubbed the “Wicked Smart Community”) and our own deals, we’re still completing 12-15 deals every month and control, as of now, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate with little to no money down. If you’re serious about making money in the world of real estate investment, then team up with the family business that gets results!

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