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I remember the “olden” days at family dinners. When the meal was finished, we sat lingering over the remains of a bottle of wine discussing words and their definitions or history topics and the supposed “facts” of some point. Inevitably, a challenge of knowledge would arise, nerds would turn into competitors, and someone would go seek out the dictionary or encyclopedia to prove their point.
If that sounds obnoxious, it only got more so once Google was in our hands. The phrase commonly heard was, “Let me Google that!” If the scenario sounds like a bunch of egos gone amuck, it might be so, but trivia points aside, I do LOVE having information right at my fingertips. Not only is this access to instant information gratifying, but it comes in handy when the situations are more important.
One significant example of this for David and I was when we started aging and seeing new health issues arise, among them high blood pressure. These days I’m always googling to find groups on social media related to the subject and the latest medical information. Of course, one needs to be careful to discern the accuracy of what they find, but there is an abundance of helpful resources to consider.
It was just that kind of search that lead me to Rick Henderson, the editor of the Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Group. I found him on Linkedin and asked to connect, and what happened next surprised me. Rick explained that he limits his number of connections on Linkedin because he wants to have more substantial relationships with a smaller group rather than acquiring a ton of connections.
I thought that was interesting, but then he floored me and said, “How can I help you?” It turns out this is a key focus for Rick. He is genuine in his interest to be of service and is especially interested in educating others about lifestyle ideas and food recipes to help lower their blood pressure.
Today on The Delicious Story we will speak with Rick, and you will experience firsthand his enthusiasm, knowledge, and gusto for many things—and especially about how to lower blood pressure.
You’ll be shocked to find out how high Rick’s blood pressure was when he was first diagnosed. His story is amazing, and what makes it specifically inspiring is how he went about turning things around. As Rick explains, he is an open book, so you’ll hear his interesting backstory and gain insights into his thoughts, which are relatable for those of us with high blood pressure.
Food and exercise have been essential ingredients in Rick’s journey to improve his blood pressure numbers, but he also details some of the less traditional ideas and supplements he has tried. Of these, Rick has enjoyed favorable results incorporating colostrum and neck yoga into his diet and routine.
I had no idea what colostrum was but, of course, there is the internet, and so a link from Rick and other research provided information pronto. Colostrom is bovine “first milk,” the nutrient-rich pre-milk that lets down for the calf before the mother’s milk starts to produce. Like all mammals, this first milk comes loaded with antibodies to help stave off disease. It turns out that many people are taking this colostrum to help with several health issues and just as many are reporting positive results. Rick has a story of his own to share on how it is working for him.
There are ample resources available explaining benefits and possible uses for colostrum which, like information about neck yoga, can be found at Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Group. And that is just exactly what Rick has helped make possible—a place to discuss, learn and find information all under one roof. Rick is thorough in his research before he posts anything to the group, and as always he stresses that people need to consult with their physician.
Rick and I spent a great deal of our conversation talking about food and several of the hacks he has discovered for creating tasty meals with low sodium alternatives. This video details how to make low sodium bacon, zesty bacon-flavored baked cashews, and even a vegetarian bacon alternative. Rick makes videos from his kitchen and provides all the tips and recipes. In all the videos Rick creates, he finishes up by brandishing the biggest smile, which is a lovely touch.
Rick points out that no BLT is complete without mayonnaise, so he has also got a video where he features a low-sodium mayonnaise recipe.
Once David and I found ourselves on the low-sodium diet, we discovered so many resources, including blogs and groups where people are talking about and creating tasty food to exclude everything from salt to gluten, to lactose and so on. It feels as if the culinary sphere is having a renascence these days to include so many ideas for those with limits in their diets. It is almost as if the word “limit” doesn’t even have to apply because dietary restrictions are in recipes AND even on the grocery store shelf with products to help.
It’s so easy to become cynical about the state of things when we venture out into the internet because of the negative messages and voices, but there is also a lot of good going on. Rick and his efforts to help others lower blood pressure is one example of a positive person sharing great ideas, and doing so because he has found success and wants to share what he has learned.

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