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In this episode of #thedeliciousstory, we visit with Ginger Johnson, expert connector, author, and coach, about how the world you live in is filled with the opportunity to connect, an adventure just waiting for you to grasp it. Her goal is nothing short of epic—to ignite your curiosity and help you find the thrill in looking out and seeing the possibilities when you engage with others.
If you’re asking, “Why do I need a refresh on how to connect with others?” The answer is because connectivity done with purpose will enrich your relationships and even spill over to positively impact how you live.
Who taught you your social graces? What were the significant takeaways from those lessons? “Do share. Be nice. Smile. Don’t interrupt.” Is that the gist of it?
It’s likely that how you encounter other people and form friendships is influenced by those who raised you as well as the first people you really connected with. Ginger dives in to help us unpack old concepts we acquired from original connections and then review a new kind of attitude.
What is “connectivity?” As a contrast, Ginger refers to “networking,” which is its antithesis. If you hear the word “networking” and think a tooth extraction sounds better, take heart. You can find joy and confidence and less pain in connecting with others if you approach it from a frame of mind Ginger explains in this podcast.
I’d like to segue here with an honest personal experience. The truth is, I’m a nervous chatter person in public settings, which others probably misconstrue as an extrovert in action. The blabbering is actually cover for the introvert that I am. I get gummed up, worried about how others perceive me, and probably act either kind of aloof or whacky. If you can relate, then chances are, we should be friends.
For some time, I’d been watching Ginger’s videos about connectivity and reading a lot of her posts on LinkedIn. I was at once blown away by her energy and impressed by her suggestions. Finally, I decided I did want to try and improve my connection skills, so I purchased her book, “Connectivity Canon.”
Right off, I was touched because she signed the book filled with vibrant yellow pages. She then vividly revealed concepts I could understand. The kicker was the action steps offered as an experiment to try immediately. Without over-revealing it, I admit the first exercise was fun and made a powerful impression.
Ginger, as you’ll discover, doesn’t want any of your time wasted, and she doesn’t riff off platitudes. She is a passionate storyteller driven to give ideas you can try right away. In fact, she provides three things each of us can do right now. Consider these a gift to lift you out of this pandemic hibernation!
As anyone who listens to The Delicious Story knows, in each episode, I visit with interesting people and ask each guest to share a memorable meal story. It’s the way we vicariously enjoy the magic of a meal that brings people and precious memories together without adding the extra calories to the waistline!
Ginger delivers on that promise with a charming meal memory that also serves as a love story. There is even the mention of the cult classic film, Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 1975 movie is based on the 1973 stage production of the musical of the same name. Rocky Horror is a parody tribute to science fiction films and B horror movies, for those who haven’t seen it.
The plot involves a young couple, stranded when their car breaks down. They venture into a castle where they encounter the head of the house, a Dr. Frank N. Furter, who is a mad scientist and transvestite. The musical is a romping great time with fabulous tunes, and a signature performance by Tim Curry in full-on black bustier. It’s info that will help you understand Ginger’s memorable meal story.
And now, to the landlocked life of a Midwesterner, it is hard to fathom living in a place surrounded by mountains. And yet, Ginger describes her home in Talent, Oregon, and the Siskiyou Mountains to great effect. These peaks apparently aren’t very tall but spread into Northern California and Southern Oregon, and are notable for their “botanically diverse coniferous forests.” Ginger’s details of the place are lovely may give you a hankering to visit.
The zest for connection that Ginger teaches can spill over and influence how you do everything else. It could truly be that significant. Consider this a gift as we head into a strange version of the holiday season, and hunker down in the desert space of the pandemic until spring and vaccines arrive.
Ginger is generously offering our listeners a Delicious Story goodie of an inscribed copy of her book, “Connectivity Canon,” with a 50% savings! Use the code CANON50. Here's the link.
If you care to join in Ginger’s next Constructive Connecting 2-day masterclass scheduled for March 16 and 17 of 2021, registration opens soon with early bird offer opportunities if you sign up for her newsletter here. join the newsletter community with this link.

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