The Data Diva E71 - Nishant Bhajaria and Debbie Reynolds


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Debbie Reynolds, “The Data Diva,” talks to Nishant Bhajaria, Director of Privacy Engineering at Uber, and Author of the book titled Data Privacy: A runbook for engineers. We discuss his operational focus on Data Privacy, the large gap between operational and legal Data Privacy and the need for collaboration between them, the shift from precedent to current proactive policy, successful tech companies and collaboration, the challenge of data deletion, the data life cycle and a new emphasis on purpose, his greatest concerns in Data Privacy, trust and data quality, regulation verses the understanding how technology works, focus on potential harm rather than technology, Data Privacy focused technology, helping organizations ask the right about data privacy, great career advice for technology people who want to enter the Data Privacy field, and his hope for Data Privacy in the future.
"Nishant Bhajaria is the Director of Privacy Engineering at Uber; he has led teams of engineers, architects and data scientists to help operationalize privacy programs at Google, Netflix and Nike. He is also the author of the recently published book Data Privacy: a runbook for engineers and teaches courses on cybersecurity, career development and inclusive leadership on LinkedIn."

NOTE: Manning Publications has offered a generous discount to “The Data Diva” Talks Privacy Podcast listeners to purchase Nishant Bhajaria’s book called “Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers.” Please see the podcast transcript for details on how to take advantage of the discount to get the book.

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