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Trick or treat indeed! It’s that tiiiiiiime! And unlike last year, I think we’re actually going to do it. Carefully indeed, but fingers crossed the kids can get out there and do some trick or treating. Every child has the right to an excellent Halloween, that’s my motto. And so do you. And with that in mind, we’ve got a big ol Halloween Spooktacular, (yeah, I said it) for your listening enjoyment. We have two big interviews, like the olden times.

First up, Jeff Abraham and Burt Kearns are here to discuss their book The Show Won’t Go On, which is an excellent reference, it’s an exhaustively researched reporting of the most shocking and bizarre deaths on stage by performers. Think there are one or two? There are over a hundred in here. Stuff I knew, stuff I didn’t know, and stuff I didn’t know about people I knew. The Show Won’t Go On! An excellent show biz reference that no collection should be without and we’re going to discuss it right here.

Also, Ken Daly, longtime friend of this podcast and Matt Weinhold, the host of the great Monster Party podcast, are here with their 2021 horror movie recommendations and also, just to shoot the baloney and crack each other up because they are also two of my closest friends, so enjoy that, it’s a great conversation. Lots of laughs. Oh, I love humor!

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