Pixel 6 benchmarks, video editing on Chromebooks with LumaFusion


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This week, we open the show with some review-type thoughts on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. With our video recently going out that highlights our collective conflict over which Pixel to buy, there's a lot to talk about now that we've had these phones in our hands for well over a week. With some of the recent GPU benchmarks and real-world tests run on these Pixels, there's also some discussion to be had about the true power of the Tensor SoC under the hood.

With a longer-than-expected sidebar about the upcoming PUBG New State game, we then transition to talking about LumaFusion's recent announcement that they are now working on not only an Android version of their excellent video editing software, but also building it with Chromebooks in mind. This could mean professional level video editing on faster Chromebooks down the road as LumaFusion on iPad is completely capable of pumping out pro-level videos.



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