MediaTek Kompanio Chromebooks are coming, and so is the Pixel 6a


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This week on the Chrome Cast, we spend a good bit of time talking through MediaTek’s Executive Summit, the things that were announced there, and our thoughts on what the landscape of MediaTek ARM-powered Chromebooks will look like in the coming weeks and months. Joe was lucky enough to get to go out to California for the event and we made some fantastic new connections with MediaTek folks and other media creators, too. Don’t worry, we talk about all of it.

We also cover the new leaks of the Pixel 6a and discuss a bit about where this phone could fit into Google’s new lineup. With an aesthetic that matches the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and the same Tensor SoC, it will be interesting to see where Google chooses to cut corners for the Pixel 6a. With the Pixel 6 already being relatively low-priced, we expect a similar $349-$399 price tag for the Pixel 6a, so this phone could get very, very interesting.



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