This doctor breaks nutrition rules: Plant based to Meat based with Dr. Sarah Zaldivar


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Dr. Sarah Zaldivar lost 25 pounds with a carnivore diet and has never been healthier or felt better! Dr. Sarah Zaldivar joins me in this chat to talk about how she broke all the nutrition rules and discovered the secret to breaking food addiction - feeling her best and anti-aging!

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0:00 Beginning

3:32 About Dr. Sarah

5:56 How Dr. Sarah changed her mind about nutrition to be meat based

12:40 How long has Dr. Sarah been meat based

15:00 Doing carnivore when you want to “cut”

16:00 Thoughts on fasting

18:00 Thoughts on acne

19:03 How does Sarah teach nutrition now that she eats meat based

21:38 Why is most nutrition science useless 26:33 Why the popular messages are harmful

29:08 Sarah’s weight loss story

32:40 Things that Sarah has changed her mind on - honey

35:17 Is ketosis long term dangerous & should we cycle in and out?

37:30 Why we can’t be black and white in nutrition

39:44 Why some people can handle honey and some can’t

44:00 Dealing with family members who want you to eat poorly

45:09 Thoughts on vitamin A toxicity

49:13 What is Dr. Sarah working on that she’s excited about

53:40 Where to find Dr. Zaldivar

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