From “3 months to live” to thriving with a CARNIVORE DIET: A deep dive into gut health & metabolism with Dr. Al Danenberg


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0:00 Beginning

4:40 Dr. Danenbergs story of healing from a deadly cancer

7:40 Dr. Danenberg’s “incurable” multiple mylenoma cancer diagnosis & prognosis

9:50 Dr. Danenberg’s rejection of chemo & invention of his 10 unconventional cancer protocol 10:27 Story of multiple bones broken while sick

11:30 Dr. Danenberg enters into hospice & is ready to die

12:30 Miracle story of healing - pet scan shows no active cancer

13:20 The diet that helps prevent cancer & helped Dr. Danenberg to beat his death diagnosis

16:19 10 unconventional protocols that Dr. Danenberg uses to heal people

20:59 How a diverse gut micro biome aids in our health

23:05 What a plate of food should look like & how we should get our nutrients from food 26:07 The importance of organ meats in our diet & “hypervitaminosis”

30:17 How vitamins and minerals must be in ratio & why fish oil supplements are not optimal

31:36 Why dessicated organ meat supplements are not actually “supplements”

32:33 Dr. Danenberg’s process for healing the gut

34:00 Bleeding from the mouth signals an unhealthy gut & other signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut

35:33 Study that shows how much of the USA has metabolic dysfunction & how that is tied to the gut

37:26 Why/How glycemic variability is also indicates gut health

38:17 How Vitamin D levels also signal gut health

40:15 The importance of metabolic flexibility & our risk of metabolic flexibility

42:15 When you have a healthy metabolism you don’t have “cravings”

43:18 How people should approach “carb refeeds” & the dangers of processed foods

47:52 How cancer feeds on glucose & why cancer is a metabolic disease

50:13 What is proper dental care?

51:35 The importance of dental plaque

59:10 Why mouth wash is a bad idea

1:04:08 How to repopulate the gut microbiome

1:05:30 How bovine colostrum heals the gut, how much to take for healing & why you don’t need to have gas or bloating to have an unhealthy gut

1:09:00 Where people can find Dr. Danenberg

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