The Truth About.... The "Cure-All" Tea


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Can anything really be a “cure-all?” What a concept! There are things this 100-year-old herbal formula can do, and there are things it can't. Tina & Leah chat facts about Essiac & Flor-Essence teas.

Herbal medicine, plant medicine, botanical medicine, whatever you like to call it, there’s evidence for its use dating back thousands of years. We love using medicinal plants for ourselves and our patients. The promise of a cure for cancer, however, needs to be looked at closely. Is it possible? Could it be? What do we know about this formula?

Essiac and Flor Essence herbal combos have a lot of anecdotal stories about their use in cancer care. We chat about the plants in these formulas, touch on the history of the formula, and give your our honest opinion on what you should expect.
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