Glutamine: Supplements 101


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L-glutamine is a "conditionally essential" amino acid. What's that? Tune in & find out: what glutamine is, what it does, and when you shouldn't be taking it. Tina & Leah discuss generalities and then delve into specifics, particularly for those who have (or had!) cancer.

Glutamine is one of those supplements that many people take…. willy-nilly. That’s a bad idea. There is a time and a place for glutamine supplementation. Listen in to find out more.
Why is glutamine so tricky to use as a supplement:
1-Fact: Glutamine can lessen peripheral neuropathy when taken alongside certain chemo drugs.
2- Fact: Cancers often have a high appetite for glutamine and use it as fuel o grow (proliferate).

As always, Tina & Leah speak from experience and stick to the data. (All while introducing you to oddities like “meat sweats.”)

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