EP 130: The Art of Negotiation: How to Get What You Want & Need


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If you’re feeling bored, undervalued, or stuck in your career and don’t feel like you’re growing, then it’s likely you’ve been thinking about change. But there’s a difference between simply changing jobs and actually making a change for the better. To do that, you’ll need to understand the mindset and tactics that will ensure you’re negotiating effectively to get everything you want and need.

In today’s episode, Blake reveals the mindset and tactical skills that make up the art of negotiation. You’ll learn how to uncover and communicate your value so that you can stand out from the crowd. You’ll hear how to recognize a cultural match from a company standpoint, and the importance of investing in yourself in order to gain the skills that’ll help you control the trajectory of your career.

What You’ll Learn: • Why there’s still work to do in closing the gender pay gap (0:40) • What every woman needs to understand about the negotiation process (2:03) • Recognizing whether or not you’re truly investing in yourself (3:50) • How to align your next job with your values (5:43) • The 3 key tactical tips for negotiating (10:21) • Why the negotiation process is so important to get right (11:27)

Favorite Quotes: 1. As women, our lack of knowledge about how to own our value and where our greatest value comes from, and truly negotiate our worth is a part of the problem. And it’s a part of the problem that we can solve. 2. I’ve found the key to most things in life is a mix of both tactics plus mindset. 3. We haven't been taught to invest in ourselves. For most of us, the last time we really significantly invested in ourselves was in college. But we invest in our kids all the time. 4. We must invest in ourselves in order to expect others to invest in us. 5. We don't realize companies are just like people. They have personalities, they have cultures, they have ways of working. And sometimes those are a fit, and sometimes they're not. 6. Understanding and matching yourself with the right opportunities buys you significant leverage in the negotiation process.

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