049: Epilepsy for Beginners


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This episode includes the basics of Epilepsy. Have you ever asked yourself, if I had the chance to give advice what would I say? In this episode, the host of our Epilepsy podcast, David Clifford, goes back in time to 1991 to give his former-self advice about Epilepsy and seizures.

Are You New to Epilepsy?

You should know that it affects a little more than one percent of the population at any time. One out of twenty-six people will develop Epilepsy sometime in their lifetime, while one out of ten will have at least one seizure. In today’s terms, that means there are about 65M people with Epilepsy. Unfortunately, there is no global cure for Epilepsy. It is all about management.

What’s with the Tongue?

This episode references the scars on our host’s tongue. We decided to not include it in our youtube video because … well, it is pretty nasty. If you really need to see it, you can click here on the image below.

Contact Us

Whether you are new to Epilepsy or you’re a seasoned seizure-veteran, we would love to hear your story. You can always reach out to us via email at social@brainablaze.com or on Twitter @BrainAblaze.

Enjoy the Show!

Thanks so much for listening! See you next time!

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