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The Bellas are back from a whirlwind trip to Paris, and Nikki has A LOT to share…about her HUSBAND!

It’s taking some getting used to, but there are some new words in Nikki’s vocabulary and some newish bling on her ring finger. This episode kicks off with Nikki sharing a lot about the wedding night she didn’t want to end, the joy that she and Artem have after exchanging vows, and the excitement about sharing this important chapter of their love story with the Bella Army on the upcoming E! show “Nikki Bella Says I Do.”

Nikki & Brie have a special connection to Paris, and after spending ten days there, it felt like home. The fashion, the restaurants, the friends and family that traveled to celebrate with them, sightseeing and taking in some history and art along the way. Matteo made the trip and instantly connected with Paris, just like his mama. Brie might also have to figure out how to get Birdie to Paris soon because her little fashionista had major FOMO missing out on seeing all of the trends and styles happening all over France.

Nikki also goes into detail about her wedding ring and how much input she had on the setting. Brie’s also noticed that her new brother-in-law is beaming too and that he’s captivated by the new jewelry on his ring hand too.

Eventually, real life comes calling, and that means school supplies, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and maybe a minivan in Nikki’s future now that she’s married!

While they were away, The Bellas had a lot of messages on the podcast hotline, so Nikki & Brie answered questions about bladder control and C-Sections, comparing milestones of Birdie, Buddy, and Matteo.

Nikki closes out this episode with an Inspiration & Affirmation about soulmates, explaining the path to marriage and all of the tests along the way and sacrifices to put family first.

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