EP 102 Leadership vs the influencer culture Feat: Gordon Tredgold


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Is there a leadership vaccum that we are witnessing in an influencer culture? But what is leadership? In this Episode 102 of THE ARTISTS podcast we talk about why leadership is the key aspect of any profession including if you are an Artist. Our guest is Gordon Tredgold who is Global Gurus Top 10 Leadership Experts and Speakers with quite a bite of social media following. Find him on twitter.
1) Leadership in the world of Artists
2) Qualities of a leader
3) Worlds best leaders- from Obama to Julius Caesar
4) Leader vs Influencers
5) An influencer is a leader- like Kim Kardashian
6) We have to choose who to get influenced by-
7) From becoming a good leader to a great leader- Integrity is the key

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