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This episode is for all of you podcasters or people thinking about starting a podcast! I’m sharing the concept of dynamic content and why it’s essential when it comes to podcasting and increasing your ad impressions.

One of the biggest mistakes I made during my years of podcasting was not keeping track of where I was putting my promotions, so it was very difficult to update them when I needed to change out what I was promoting.

Dynamic content or dynamic ads have been a game-changer for this show. When I made the switch to Buzzsprout as my podcasting platform, it became easy to promote anything I wanted easily within my show using pre-roll or post-roll ad insertion. With dynamic content, you can easily and dynamically update your ads and content anytime with just a few simple clicks.

The use of dynamic ad insertion has opened up this show up to so many opportunities, and I highly recommend it to anyone utilizing podcasting in their business.
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Buzzsprout is my favorite platform for podcasting
  • The different places you can use dynamic content on your show
  • How easily you can add dynamic content
  • The biggest mistake I made during my years of podcasting
  • The benefits of using dynamic content

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