Self Talk #6 - Success is an Inside Out Process (How You Can Breakthrough Plateaus and Use Visualization and Meditation to Achieve You Wildest Dreams and Goals)


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The classic phrase shouldn’t be:

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

But rather,

“I’ll see it and then believe it.” 🤯

We have to first believe within ourselves and see something and believe that it is possible for ourselves in order to achieve it.

Listen in as I share the amazing story of how Roger Banister visualized and meditated himself running a mile at three minutes and 59 seconds. Then he became the first person in history to run under a four minute mile. Opening up everyone’s mind to what was possible.

People then believed it was possible because they saw it. However it took one man seeing it inside his mind first and believing it was possible to break that 4 minute mile barrier.

I share a personal sales story where I was able to breakout of a plateau and hit a personal record of closings in one month that I had been striving for but was able to achieve it once meditating and believing it was possible.

This is a very short 15 minute self talk with a ton of value in it, I won’t give away the secret ending that I end with you’ll have to listen to find out! Enjoy! #theandrewwalshpodcast

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