Self Talk #3 - Breathing (Improve Health, Manage Stress, Natural Energy, Feeling Happier)


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Breathing is one of the most essential and crucial parts of our daily life. However it is often lost in the shuffle of the daily grind. For most breathing is the last thing on our mind. However just a couple minutes of breath practice a day and having the awareness to implement these proven strategies can change your entire day. Giving you anew energy, helping to reduce stress and make you less fatigued at the end of the day.

Tip #1 Belly Breathing

Find out what type of breather are you belly or chest?

Test: lying on your back one hand on your chest one hand on your stomach take a big inhale followed by big exhales see what hand moves...

the hand on your stomach with a hand on your chest?

You want the hand on your stomach to move

Application: every night lie on your back and do diaphragmatic belly breathing.

  • at least 10 reps trying to move your hand on top of your belly up as you inhale and on the exhale drive it through your spine

Tip #2 Wim Hoff Breathing

Download his app here:

Exercise 1 In the App

  1. explore exercises
  2. push ups

Exercise 2 in the App

  1. guided bubble breathing
  2. Do two to three rounds of breath holds

Tip # 3 Alternate Nostril Breathing

Masculine and feminine

Try this video in episode above

Tip #4 Double Inhale One Exhale

Breathing technique made famous by neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, he explains how this increases the little sacks of air within your lungs. So at the end of the day you have more of them in your body versus them slowly decreasing throughout your day

Tip #5 End the day 25-30 breaths with a 15 seconds hold

Inhale and exhale quickly 25 to 30 times in a row then hold your breath for 15 seconds. This will put your body in a mild form of controlled stress which will activate your adrenal glands pump more blood throughout the rest of your body and give you more oxygen to your brain subsequently waking you up and making you more alert

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