Bigger the Test, Bigger the Testimony: Sharing Your Difficult Past Experiences and How You Overcame to be a Blessing for Others | w/ Chris Brown - Football Coach and Entrepreneur


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We all go through difficulties and hardships in our life. How we are able to dig ourselves out of those situations will forever change our life. The bigger the test, the bigger the testimony. Taking it one step further, once you come out of that tough time and you share your testimony of overcoming, you position yourself to be a blessing for someone else. Whether it was breaking free from debt, an addiction, or a bad relationship your triumph story can help someone else who could be going through the same thing.

You give them power knowing that the change they want to see is possible. And by sharing your story not only do you give others hope you can also give concrete examples of how you were able to overcome.

This episode features successful entrepreneur and football coach, Chris Brown. Chris, explains how one phone call conversation we had talking about money and debt forever changed his life for the better. Leading him to become debt-free and now has allowed him to pay it forward and help his friends with financial literacy.

On top of the financial freedom, Chris, is now able to put more money into his business and also give back to his community and train young athletes who otherwise would have never been able to afford such high level sports training.

This is a really inspiring and encouraging episode on how one phone call and sharing your story with just one person can have a domino effect that ends up helping millions! Enjoy

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