Adding Adventure to Your Life: Simple Things You Can Do to Add Variety to Your Life and Create More Joy | w/ Alec Merlino - Former Survivor Contest and Sponsored Athlete


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This podcast episode features, Alec Merlino, from San Clemente. Alec shares his adventurous lifestyle and how he first started traveling which ultimately led him to being a contestant on the hit reality TV show, Survivor. He shares behind-the-scenes information at what that experience was like and how it has shaped his every day life from there.
And YES, I ask him if the show is REAL or REALITY.

Alec, goes on to share how he consistently tries to incorporate adventures into his weekly routine and he sheds some insight on practices he does to be a more happier version of himself. This really made me think about how so much of our weeks and days are the same so Alec's idea of proactively looking for ways to break routine and change it up was a refreshing take to hear.
I am huge advocate in daily practices which can improve your mental health so it was awesome to hear some unique strategies i've never heard of or thought of brought up by Alec that he does.
Alec, is also doing a lot of charity work and raising money for small businesses affected by COVID-19 through his running sponsorships. He is a very motivating and inspiring individual and he shares what running has done for his self-esteem and outlook on life.
There is a ton of nuggets that will help you in every day life sprinkled throughout this podcast episode, enjoy!
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