#141 – STFU When Talking to Cops


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On this truly entertaining and educational episode of The Alden Report, we’re speaking with attorney Marc Wasserman. Together with his brother Craig, they are known as the Pot Brothers at Law, California's Award-Winning Marijuana Business and Criminal Defense Lawyers, serving Southern California. For over 30 years, their firm has represented countless marijuana business clients from dispensaries, patient cooperatives, marijuana delivery services, cultivation, marijuana manufacturing, and criminal defense for marijuana related crimes.

One thing they have observed over their numerous years of experience, is what it takes to be a success in the Marijuana Industry. As a full service law firm, the Pot Brothers at Law offers a wide range of cannabis legal services for entrepreneurs looking to start a Marijuana Business, from consulting, to representation for medical marijuana use, recreational use, along with the formation and regulatory compliance for marijuana business ventures including State Licensing, Local Permits, Regulatory Compliance and Medical Marijuana Licensing for Medical Patients. The Wasserman Brothers are one of the most recognized Marijuana Law firms in the country, and just recently received CCA's Lawyer of the Year.
The Pot Brothers at Law hand out one of the most valuable business cards ever. Not only stating their Cannabis Law firm's location in Stanton, a city in Orange County, California, but on the flip side in big bold letters is written a statement to remind you of your right to remain silent and how to, as politely as possible, inform the police of your decision to 'shut the f*&k up.'™ Great advice coming from California's most sought after marijuana attorneys who provide the right legal representation your case just might need.
Thank you so much to Marc Wasserman for coming on this episode of The Alden Report.
For more information on Marc Wasserman and the Pot Brothers, you can visit: http://www.potbrothersatlaw.com/

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