Ep 76: Facing Emotions of Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety While Leaving The Teaching Profession! 3 Pieces of Advice to Help You Prepare For A Career Change Or Transition as a Teacher or Homeschool Mom


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Hi Teacher Friend!

Thinking of starting a new career? Are you a teacher on the verge of quitting your teaching job, but you are facing all the uncertain emotions of doing so? Are you a mom beginning a new career, or thinking of homeschooling your children and facing many thoughts about this new transition?

I promise this episode is meant to bless you and NOT put you in the Pit!! But I certainly feel led to share my emotional journey of leaving my teaching career of 15+ years and how the change led me to where I am today! I share 3 lessons I learned and 3 pieces of advice to help you navigate this change!

After a major shift in my professional growth, learning how to strengthen my mindset, and realizing my identity had been wrapped up in teaching, I began to question whether I was to stay teaching and coaching in public school or whether or not it was time to leave. So in today's episode, I share how to handle the emotions that MAY flood your mind as you change lanes, and what I wish someone would have told me when I was facing the same change!!

Let Your Light Shine,

Makenzie Oliver

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