Teacher, Let Your Light Shine! Start a Micro-School, Learning Pod or Tutoring Business, Make Money Homeschooling as a Homeschool Mom or Teacherpreneur


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Welcome to the ”Teacher, Let Your Light Shine” Podcast! Calling all parents and teachers!! The future of education is in YOUR HANDS! If you are a teacher ready to teach your way, ditch the overwhelm and design a life you love, this is the podcast for you! If you are a parent currently homeschooling, or thinking about the possibility, but also needing to make an income to support your family-tune in! Makenzie Oliver is here to help teachers and parents create profitable micro-schools and homeschooling businesses so they can provide a rich and desirable education for their own children and many others. The time to transform education is now, and this podcast will teach you how to build, scale and market an educational business that is changing the culture of schools and learning environments all over the globe. Teacher friend, is your passion for teaching slowly burning out? Is our broken educational system frustrating you to the point of quitting this career, but you just can’t stand the thought of letting your ”teaching gifts” go to the wayside? Do you envision teaching children with more energy, aliveness, and creativity, but you are ”stuck” conforming to the standardized tests, mandates, and overwhelming policies that just aren’t working? Are you dreaming of freedom, flexibility, and an income that continues to grow exponentially? Have you ever said, ”I should just start my own school”? Wouldn’t it be lovely to teach without unrealistic expectations, endless data collection, meetings, and restrictions? What if you could create your own schedule, curriculum, and class size? Would you sense freedom and fulfillment if you could take learning outside, on field trips, and beyond the state standards? Do you long to use your teaching gift for God’s glory, while creating engaging lesson plans, experiences, and positive relationships with students? Starting your own micro-school or homeschooling business can give you the financial freedom, time freedom, and teaching experiences you are longing for! Parents, are you frustrated with the experiences your child is having in public or private school? Are you searching for a learning experience that LIGHTS your child up? Are you currently homeschooling but you desire to provide financially for your family and want the two worlds to collide? What if you could continue teaching your child but also make an income while providing educational and enrichment experiences to other children and families? If your child is longing for socialization, interaction, and engaging experiences, a profitable homeschooling business would not only provide financial peace and freedom to your family but provide your child with a wonderful learning opportunity! Learning pods, resource centers, and micro-schools are coming your way! Teacher friend, If you’ve ever thought, ” I wish I could stay home and give my children all the attention I give to so many others!”? ”If only I could make money while staying home, teaching, and taking care of my children.... !” OR maybe you are thinking of teaching YOUR OWN WAY, having your OWN BUSINESS, and creating as much profit as you desire while ALSO using your teaching gifts! Let’s get down to business! What if you could have a business right in your backyard-around the corner, or up the street...where children run free, learn authentically, and collaborate with peers like never before? What if YOU could leave a legacy not only for your family but for the generations to come? If you’re a teacher or parent searching for freedom, flexibility, and unlimited financial possibilities- you’re in the right place! In this podcast, I will teach you how to start a fulfilling, profitable, micro-school or homeschooling business built on a foundation of faith! If you’re here for teaching on your own terms and making a bigger impact with a bigger income, You‘re in the right place! I’m Makenzie Oliver. After 14 years in public school as a teacher, instructional coach, and after receiving ”Teacher of the Year” accolades-God changed my heart and led me down a path that has lit my soul on fire. He crafted a dream in my heart to start a school-right out of my living room! Now I run a successful, growing micro-school with unlimited possibilities for career growth, experiences, and lifelong memories! I‘m here to help teachers and parents build a teaching business around the most important aspects of life. For me, this includes motherhood, marriage, and a God-given mission. I help parents and uncover their calling as teachers, build and scale a profitable homeschooling business and or micro-school ! You have the potential to run your own business, from anywhere, while also making a massive impact! Get ready to discover “The Teacher God Created You to Be”, “The God Confidence to Create Your Own Business” and “Effective Ways to Organize and Produce and Plan for Your Micro School” ”Business Basics” and ”The Possibilities Empowering YOU to teach with FREEDOM AND JOY”! Sharpen Your Pencil, Get out your notebook, Re-heat your coffee...It’s time to get your teach on! Let Your Light Shine, Makenzie Oliver Visit our Website for Free Resources, Learn more about Micro schools, AND Receive Coaching to Build Your Business! www.teachersletyourlightshine.com Come Connect with us in our Facebook Group: Teacher Let Your Light Shine-Start Your Homeschooling Business! https://www.facebook.com/groups/250368126648112 Come Connect with me on Instagram: @Teacherletyourlightshine Want to chat? Have some questions? I‘d love to hear from you! Send an Email:teacherletyourlightshine@gmail.com Twitter: @teacher_light Check out Our School on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lighthouselearningmicroschool

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