310 - How technology can democratise dermatology. Philip Tong, Dermscreen


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Everyone deserves access to quality skin check services to fight skin cancer.

Dr Phil Tong is an Australian dermatologist who is embracing digital technologies, AI, and the web. His vision is to improve healthcare access to dermatologists around Australia including rural and remote communities. He is the founder and CEO of Dermscreen.

Dermscreen is a virtual care platform that allows patients to have images of their skin taken for remote diagnostic reporting by a dermatologist specialist. They aim to transform skin cancer care by making early detection affordable, accessible, and convenient by bringing together advanced hardware, medical technology and communications innovations, and global health leaders.

Have you ever pondered the possibility of a remote diagnosis of skin cancer? In this episode, you will learn about Dermscreen and how it champions digital imaging concerning skin cancer and skin check. You’ll also know more about digitising the skin check workflow, using technology to address shortages of specialists, and improving affordability and accessibility so more patients can access the care they need.

This episode is also about digital imaging in dermatology and the involvement of GPs and nurses in skin cancer management through Dermscreen.

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