Dream a Little Deeper: 17 - Robin Hood


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Yes, we talk about furries. Terra also talks a lot today. These points are unrelated. This time, ROY Disney dies. Before he died though, he oversaw the completion of Walt Disney World. This went, uh…well, it went. This, coupled with the energy crisis and shuffle of leadership, sends the company further into the chaos that Walt’s death created. Needless to say, this affects the production of Robin Hood. It’d be great if these animators could catch a break at any point, huh? Anyways, Terra posits the fondness for this movie is influenced by nostalgia. Our guests argue that the fun and joy of the movie is infectious, which makes the tone shift at the end really hit. Terra thinks the movie feels made for TV in multiple ways, Alex thinks the focus is too much on people who aren’t Robin Hood, and they both discuss why the children characters are better in this than the Aristocat children. Terra talks about feudal economic hierarchies. The Sheriff of Nottingham is the most despicable villain in the whole film, King Richard has his hands washed of blame for the Crusades, and every one of Robin Hood’s actions are justified by Prince John and Sir Hiss being war criminals and narcissistic monsters. Alex complains about the lack of stakes in the recent run of films but praises the lightness this creates, and Terra argues there really should be a cultural sensitivity warning at the start. Terra relishes the amount of gender present in Robin and Little John. Our hosts also dig into the finer points of actors who only have one voice that they use and why some of them are good and some of them aren’t. Terra has reached their limit on the fake Disney deaths. Like seriously, stop it. No one buys this. Please stop it. Originally recorded Jan 22nd, 2022. Listen to all of Dream A Little Deeper: Season 2 on our Patreon now: patreon.com/talkfilmsociety

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