#54: 2022 Taiwan Film Festival of Boston (Oct 1 and 2)


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Annie, one of the three co-presidents of the 2022 Taiwan Film Festival of Boston (TFFB), joins us for a chat today about this year's event!

This is the fourth annual TFFB event, and the first fully in-person event since the start of the pandemic.

This year's line up includes 6 features films and 2 short films (link to 2022 program). The directors and producers of select films will be joining for live discussions.

<< Tickets are on sale on the website!! >>

See you on Oct 1 and 2 at the AMC Theaters in Downtown Crossing (Boston, MA)!


(7:00) Background on TFFB (founding, annual planning timeline)

(12:30) This year's theme: Crack & Light 「裂縫與光」

(13:00) Film 1: Grandma and Her Ghosts 魔法阿嬤

(14:45) Film 2: Eagle Hand 老鷹之手

(16:57) Film 3: Me and My Condemned Son 我的兒子是死刑犯

(19:00) Film 4: Enigma: The Chinese Crested Tern 尋找神話之鳥

(20:30) Film 5: Let the Wind Carry Me 乘著光影旅行

(21:15) Film 6: Listen Before You Sing 聽見歌 再唱

(23:33) Short film 1 : The Passage 通道

(24:35) Short film 2: Faces of a Taiwanese Opera Actress 苦伶的臉譜



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TFFB is a nonprofit organization run fully by volunteers. Reach out to the team if you're interested in joining the team next year.


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