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Tonight we talk about the latest game from Todd Crapper, Pandora Total Destruction. After that we share our thoughts on Revolution of 1828 a game that greatly outshines its theme. We wrap up with our usual week in review where I’ve got a couple of family vacation games to talk about. Episode 182 recorded August 3rd. Join us Wednesday at Nine PM Eastern at

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ASK THE BELLHOP Tonight I’ve got some questions for Sean who recently finished reading through Pandora Total Destruction, “A tabletop roleplaying game where players take on the role of overpowered supers trying to overcome a great evil.” Broken Ruler Games
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Actual play of Pandrora
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Also check out High Plains Samurai,
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GAME ROOM Revolution of 1828 A two player tug of war that’s much more engaging than its theme. Written Review on the Blog
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