The Best Way to Invest in Precious Metals - Gold and Beyond


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This podcasts tell you one of the best ways to invest in precious metals. The best way for investing in gold and silver is to invest in physical gold. The best and safest storage place for physical gold is Switzerland. The best way consist also in diversifying the risks by investing in an investment fund. The question is: How to make money with physical gold? J. A. Michie is the Chairman of the fund. The fund is domiciled in Bermuda but the physical gold is deposited in Switzerland. A Swiss bank gives a Lombard loan with an LTV of 60%. That means that 60% of the value in physical gold can be reinvested in gold stocks. The Chairman, Mr Michie explains that they created 3 baskets to diversify the investments. And now comes the best thing. Leo Hathaway is the best geologist with the most impressive track record I know. Mr Hathaway is on board with the Lumina Group since 2000. The Lumina Group is owned by Ross Beaty, a billionaire better known as Goldfinger. Mr Hathaway made Ross Beaty becoming a billionaire. Since the formation in 2000, the Lumina group has sold 7 companies for 1.6 billion USD. The 60% liquidity received as a Lombard-loan will be invested within 3 baskets: 1. performing mining companies, 2. early-stage exploration companies generating high value if done well and 3. the battery miracle. This diversification strategy will generate exceptional value. Investing in gold and silver mining companies is not an easy job. You must be a business insider to succeed in investing in precious metals. The investments are not limited to gold and silver but they are considering also other metals such as copper. Thanks to the very valuable advice of Leo Hathaway who has an impressive track-record which made Ross Beaty, also known as Mr Goldfinger, become a billionaire, the investors in the Bermuda fund can be confident having the best people on board. For exploration and mining companies it’s very important to have super-qualified staff on board. There is no room for experiments as the investment in early-stage exploration companies can be a very risky business. This investment is something for super-qualified investors and High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI). As long as the fund has the best advisors in the mining industry I am quite confident. This investment is for investors who believe in gold. If you do not believe in gold – don’t touch it. It’s nothing for you. If you like mining companies and you know the mining and exploration industry you should consider it. Have a look and make your own due diligence. If you have questions in connections with the fund, just give me a call today +4144 212 44 04 or write me an email: Be rich and stay rich. Have a beautiful day. Nothing in this interview is to be considered investment advice. All future-oriented expectations of Mr. Michie, Mr. Beaty, Mr Hathawy and me may not materialise. This podcast has educational purposes showing the smart strategies and how to invest with physical precious metals while making money based on a Lombard loan with the physical gold as collateral. Always do your own due diligence prior to making investment decisions. 👉 Order your physical Gold & Silver with The Pure Gold Company here: • Tax-Free (No VAT or CGT) • Fully segregated and allocated Swiss Vaults • Complete autonomy and privacy • Buy Back Guarantee (Instant Liquidity) ►​​

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