Ep 54: Racism and the Modern Environmental Movement with Faith Briggs (Global Works Community Fund)


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Like so many others, Sustainability Defined is learning more about structural and historic racism and what we can do to advance racial justice. This is the first of what we intend to be a number of episodes that focuses on particular aspects of the intersection of race and sustainability. We‘ve created a page on our website with a running list of valuable resources on racism and environmental justice (sustainabilitydefined.com/racism) for those eager for more info. Going forward, we plan to consider and include connections to racial justice in all episodes.

We start this episode with the history of racism in the modern American environmental movement. We then explore the racist history of U.S. public lands, of which too many, including us, have been unaware. Next, we share the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color leaders on their perspectives toward the environmental movement and strategies to dismantle racism within environmental organizations. Last is a candid conversation with Faith Briggs, a racial justice advocate and trail-blazing filmmaker. We first became aware of Faith when we saw her documentary short “This Land” earlier in 2020 (you can watch it online for free!). We are so glad that she was able to join us and share her insights with our community. Have a listen, and for our U.S. listeners, make sure you've got your voting plan!


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