Smart Solutions to Environmental Risks | Dr. Deborah Brosnan


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Did you know coral reefs provide a buffer - protecting our coasts from big waves, storms, and floods? In a time with more frequent natural disasters due to the changing climate, there’s an important message to learn: when people live in harmony with nature, we minimize our environmental risks and can even benefit from strengthened ecosystems. Today’s guest knows all about nature’s role in our lives, offering science-based solutions that reflect the best environmental ethics and facilitate outcomes for the planet, people and profit.

In this episode of Sustainability Champions, I speak with Dr. Deborah Brosnan, marine resilience specialist, environmental consultant in risk reduction and problem solving, and Champion of Environmental Solutions.

Deborah Brosnan’s consulting company Deborah Brosnan & Associates offer ideas through regulatory, corporate, and community elements to provide the most cost-effective, prompt and valuable solutions, when it comes to local environmental issues. For example, she tells us all about the importance of natural vegetation on coastlines, whether coral reefs or mangroves, to prevent damage from floods and storms. Working with highly-skilled experts, her work lies at the intersection of cutting-edge science and real world decision-making involving environment, endangered species, development, energy, sea level rise, climate change and hazards - places where the stakes and risks are high.

Listen to the episode, to find out all about her work and what we can do be more environmentally-friendly!





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