EP 299 - Healing Toxic Positivity Using Radical Brujeria with Vanessa Codorniu


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Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Vanessa Codorniu, an acclaimed bilingual Latino well-being activist, teacher of clinical hypnosis, and intuitive for business. For over two decades, Vanessa, better known as the “Biz Bruja,” has been guiding truth-seekers to connect with the deep wisdom of their intuition so that they can tap into their power and begin living the lives they were born to live. We now know that there are multiple layers to our bodies. To name a few, we have a physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual body. When healing, it’s important to address all of them. As Vanessa points out, we also need to take into consideration any trauma our ancestors may have experienced because ancestral trauma that has passed through generations takes root in our subconscious and may be impacting you today.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • The importance of allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions
  • Ancestral trauma: What is it, and how does it work
  • Why does Vanessa call herself a “Bruja”?
  • 5 steps to finding independence from your family’s beliefs

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