EP 296 - Healing Autoimmunity with Food with Peggy Curry


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For many of us that suffer from joint pain, bloating, nausea, and a host of other symptoms, gluten is often at the root of the issue. Awareness of gluten sensitivity, or intolerance, has become more and more prevalent over the years, and folks like today’s guest, Peggy Curry, have created delicious gluten-free foods and recipes in response. Peggy is a lifelong educator, food entrepreneur, award-winning health and wellness advocate, and the author of the Damn Good Gluten Free cookbook. She has spent decades supporting others on their health journeys, but it all started within her family. If gluten sensitivity runs in your family and you’re struggling to integrate a gluten-free lifestyle with your partner or children, Peggy’s here to help!

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • Peggy’s family history with Celiac disease
  • How Peggy led her whole family in going gluten-free
  • The creation of Peggy’s gluten-free cook book
  • The K.I.N.D. method – Kitchen Improvements to Nourish Daily
  • Peggy’s first three steps for going gluten-free
  • The 1-10 spectrum of food quality

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