94: 👌🏻What It Takes to Create the Perfect Strength Workout for Cyclists


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Friends don't let friends show up without a workout plan, am I right? That's why in this episode of the Dialed Health podcast, I give you a deep dive into exactly how you should and shouldn't be structuring your workouts. We chat in depth about each stage of a workout – whether you're doing a 60-minute session, or even a more time-crunch 20 to 30 minute session. I also give you examples of movements, as well as explain the differences between flexibility and mobility, and the timing and overall structure of each workout. Plus, I emphasize the importance of stretching throughout your entire workout (something I know most of you aren't doing!).

What we discuss:

2:00 - The importance of having a plan

3:00 - Structure of a 60-minute plan

7:25 - What a proper warm-up looks like

14:00 - Mobility/Dynamic movement

16:00 - Working sets

21:00 - Creating your different circuits

27:00 - Pre-fatiguing and isolating muscles

29:00 - Ending your workout

31:30- Outline of a 30-minute plan

39:00 - Rapid fire questions

50:00 - Derek’s thoughts

1:00 - Announcements

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