PragerU Kids: Tips For Having No Soul


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Bryan & Brett are back to force feed your children critical race theory & knock them down in the pit // Taking a half hour to get work when you live around the corner // Reading tweets counts as reading // Gay Slipknot // Scrawny guys at metal concerts get owned in the pit // Bryan doesn’t do parent teacher conferences // Bryans Critical Race Theory Booth // Conservative Panic over Common Core math // NBC News: Capitol riot suspects say they're 'force fed critical race theory' and 'anti-white messaging' in jail. Top Gas Exporters Say They're Victims of 'Cancel Culture' Breuer Watch: According to Jim // The great distraction circus // Jim on Rittenhouse // We are all fooled by the media! // Dividering & Conkering // Who is they?.... Its starts with J // The best at mocking tones and noises // Sully Erna lead singer of Godsmack on "Taco Tuesday" // Doing some soft racism // The Italian guy that made my pasta vs the Mexican that made the taco // If you have to yell it's not racist then it's definitely racist // Sully is sullied already // PragerU Kids: How to take ownership of your life. “4 tips for taking ownership of your life” 1. Tell your kid no one gives a fuck about you 2. Life's not fucking fair. 3. Know you are your enemy and it's all your fault 4. Never be a generous and caring person. Street Fight Mail - P.O Box 82306 Columbus, OH 43202 Street Fight Radio Call In Show - (614) 655-3887

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