Pay Street Fight $5 to beat you with Kendo Sticks


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Bryan & Brett are back taking calls and trick shooting you into a new diet and union. // Bryan got kratom in his ear and lost money gambling on football //Bryan tried cheating the karmic system by betting against his favorite team // Looking for help on "Get Motivated"- Send Bryan your favorite/most hated Keith Ablow // Brett is in a better mood and he got tickets to the Indy 500 next year // Stores already preparing for black friday // Brett's Bargains galore experience // Getting treated better with a black eye // 1st Caller - Lucas from Connecticut // Working as a part time organizer for a union who is trying to unionize a home healthcare agency // Company signed a neutrality agreement because they believe the organizers won't be successful because many of their workers do not speak english // Bryan and Brett's way of threatening people with guns to make them join unions // Trick shooting ideas // Favorite sports team is Dude Perfect // Christian nitro circus or jackass for youth groups // Calling the cops on the cops // 2nd Caller - Walt from Rapid City, South Dakota // Sharing his story on how he recently got fired // Kendo sticks to beat each other on stage // Pay Street Fight $5 to beat you // Don't touch your ass with a saw zaw // Street Fight on satellite radio // If someone paid us 100,000 we would hurt each other on air // How to lose something that weighs a ton // B2 is cool looking like a Honda sports car // The reason Bryan never got his pilot license // // B2 bomb mount Rushmore // The library should teach you how to fly planes // Let's congest the sky with average americans // Drone hats to make humans fly // Powered parachutes for Christmas // 3rd Caller- @Laborlifts who is a personal trainer // Calling in to talk shit about working for LA fitness // Customers pay 50 dollars an hour for personal training and the trainer only makes $8 // Bryan's 2 week notice philosophy // Working on sales making less than minimum wage // How a trainer is as a salesman // Bryan is a floppy person who doesn't stretch but he wants crab walk and Crippa in his wrestling singlet // // Bryan is off the mellos and on hostess mini cinnamon bundt cakes // Keeblers soft batch cookies changed his future // The illusive Mrs. Freshley German chocolate cake // 4th caller Goblin who previously walked the Appalachian trail. // Took an odd job working in costume as The Grinch at the zoo for 20 dollars a night // Working with kids can make you happy as long as you don't get beat up // Not being able to see out of the costume // 2 categories of the worst adults // Conservative adults and children in adults body // Frenching the Grinch // The zoo doesn't pay shit // Planning the next walk // Starting in Charleston, South Carolina and then going up to North Carolina through the mountains on the Goblin trail // Follow Goblin on IG - @morninhays 5th Caller - Ezriah (Sorry If I spelled your name wrong) from Columbus // A story about working at UPS while transitioning // Chastised for wearing leggings and a crop top // Coming out and telling your boss your pronouns // Imposter Syndrome // Being who you want to be to new people // 6th Caller - George from Middletown Ohio. // Calling into help Bryan with his shoelace problems and giving him solid advice on footwear issues // Street Fight Mail - P.O Box 82306 Columbus, OH 43202 Street Fight Radio Call In Show - (614) 655-388

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