From College Dropout to NASA Engineer


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Brian helped build the software for the Curiosity Rover that took photos of the surface of the planet Mars. He worked with the Navy on equipment that took photos deep underwater.

But there was a time in his life when he couldn’t stay sober. He couldn’t meet with his probation officer without being intoxicated. Brian shares his recovery journey with us. He talks about being in treatment at MARR and coming to terms with the nature of his alcoholism. He also talks about how surrendering his ambitions to pursue recovery first and foremost allowed him to eventually return to his career goals and have success that he never thought possible.

0:01 Intro
1:26 What was going on with Brian when he ended up at MARR
6:20 Brian’s view of spirituality when he got to MARR
9:01 Understanding powerlessness over alcohol
12:35 Letting go of ego
15:20 Starting to be honest
19:15 Getting a sponsor
22:00 Going through the steps
28:20 Sponsoring others
32:23 Going back back to school for engineering
33:20 Working on the Mars Curiosity Rover
35:10 The value of letting go
37:04 Starting a family
39:01 What Brian would pass on to people who are listening

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