Jason Tollen - how hypnosis helped the “present moment” get better


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In your "MindZai", imagine someone who helps people change their behaviors, habits, and patterns. Now, meet Jason Tollen.

Once upon a time, Jason was desperate for change. He had no idea how but he knew he didn’t want to keep living the way he’d been living and he knew he needed support.

Have you ever had an experience where it felt like you were treading water but not really going anywhere?

I don’t think I can figure it out on my own anymore.”

Growing up, Jason grew up without strong communication in the home. As a result, he bottled up his feelings because he just wasn’t aware of how to deal. He experienced some depressive states and acknowledged that he wasn’t living a life he wanted to live. In his 30s, Jason slowly realized, “this isn’t so great” (because his heart wasn’t “in it”) and so he got serious about feeling better.

He was living the life of “Person B” which he described as someone who:

  • beats themselves up
  • really critical inside
  • not confident
  • doesn't feel like they were doing a good job

but he wanted to live a life like “Person A”:

  • happy
  • responsible
  • does activities they enjoy
  • makes a good living.

He had a moment where he said, “I don’t want to keep living the way I’ve been living.

He wanted to live more like "Person A." He wanted to live a life that felt good. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But how does one do that? How does one change?

Jason started to read self-help books and get into present moment awareness. And he learned that he could communicate with his unconscious (or subconscious) mind.

This eventually brought him to try hypnosis which was a pleasantly surprising experience for him! “How have I made it this far in life and no one told me about this?!”

What happened next? Well, you’ll have to tune in.

Wisdom sometimes is a meal better shared.” - Jason Tollen


At the end of this episode, Jason leads us through a FREE relaxing, hypnotic visualization exercise that helps you to notice your body, increase your state of awareness and step into the present moment. It’s absolutely beautiful and worth the ~10 minutes of presence. Isn’t it exciting to know that a quick 10 minutes can turn your entire day around?!


Resources Discussed:

The 3 Ways to End Suffering (a la Tony Robbins)

  1. Appreciation & enjoyment
  2. Learning & growing
  3. Love, giving & gratitude

Book: Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way by Serge Kahili King (Huna philosophy is about learning to become a conscious co-creator with the Universe)


Jason is a hypnotherapist based in Denver, CO. He works with clients who want to change behaviors such as smoking, habits like wasting time and making poor decisions, patterns like anxiety and fear, and even beliefs that are not so helpful, like “I’m not good enough.” Since 2012, he's been helping people suffer less and achieve more everyday.

He is a member of both the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA), and the General Hypnotherapy Register (UK) and has certifications in transformational hypnotherapy, smoking cessation, Gestalt therapy and British hypnotherapy.

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