Caitlin Shea McCoy - hypnosis & copywriting? how to create from a clear, authentic, unblocked state


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In 2015, Caitlin was afraid that she was dying. She was overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and per her doctor’s recommendation she tried to regulate her hormones and cycle with birth control. However, she started to experience nightmares (while she was awake) and it was terrifying.

Through Gabby Bernstein, she discovered “A Course in Miracles” which helped slow her life down a bit to get through the fear. At a certain point, Caitlin tuned into a podcast that featured hypnosis which convinced her that she had just found her calling without even having experienced it for herself. She had goosebumps for hours as she slowly realized, “this is my life now.”

Her first hypnosis experience she described as “beautiful.” She met with her physical self, emotional self, intellectual self, and spiritual self (one of whom gave her a beautiful gift which she came across in “real life” one week later - tune in to hear that amazing synchronicity!!) It was through this experience that she realized, “having a guide makes all the difference.”

Caitlin decided that being consumed with fear wasn’t for her anymore and she decided that she wants to fully live.

And while her most challenging points weren’t laughable, looking back Caitlin is now able to have a playful perspective and even laugh at her own past hardships because “it’s just not that big of a deal.”

How does she know when she is fully living? When she feels this “rising from within” - the same way she felt as a child… like being lifted from within. And that makes everything that once felt impossible feel possible. What more could one ask for?


Have you ever written or said something and realized that it no longer sounded like “you” anymore? Like perhaps you were trying to impress someone or come off as someone specific?

Caitlin says, “If it feels hard and bad then yes, there is some ‘work’ to be done there,” like starting with the questions:

  • Is this me?
  • Does this sound like myself?
  • Do I sound like someone else?

Caitlin describes her hypnosis work with her copy clients as a process of finding that clear, authentic, unblocked state to then discuss business goals in relation to your marketing copy.


Everyone is here for a reason and it is a miracle that you are living and walking this earth. And so telling whatever story that you have is so vital, special and getting it right where it feels authentic for you is just so powerful.” - Caitlin Shea McCoy


Now (thanks to her personal hypnotherapy practice), Caitlin re-opened her creative writing passageways and has things coming through that she didn’t know were possible for her. She went on to say, “I want more than anything that presence is something I leave behind… whether taken in through words or not.

As they discussed the idea of leaving behind a legacy, Caitlin and Mae touch upon the idea of death and eulogies. Even though words have played such a big role in Caitlin’s life, she said, “I want to be remembered as someone underneath all the words and stories…

Know that it is possible to leave this episode feeling calm, cared for, and creative! How do you know when you feel present? How does that manifest in the body or mind for you?

Stay tuned through to the end for a FREE hypnosis offering to uncover your true authentic words. Maybe you’re writing a book, drafting an Instagram caption or just sharing words with friends? This is a hypnosis to bring forward that true authentic voice from within.

Please, continue to share these episodes with friends or family members and come back to they hypnosis recordings at any time! The more you practice, the deeper you go and the longer the results last. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?!


Caitlin McCoy is the owner of Caitlin Shea Atelier, a copywriting and hypnotherapy studio for creatives. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a copywriter, Caitlin is focused on bringing the beauty of stories to light.

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